Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Securing the integrity of corporate information systems has never been more important. While cyber crime threats are on the rise, current attempts to counter them remain largely unsuccessful. Organizations have made little progress in developing ways to defend themselves against both internal and external cyber opponents.

Attacks range from targeted and sophisticated to fairly simple exploits of vulnerabilities created by years of under investment in security programs, technologies, and processes.

In many cases companies can be successful in mitigating these attacks with a thorough cyber security strategy that is aligned to the business strategy and includes vigilant and proactive awareness of the threat environment, a strong asset identification and protection program and is supported by proactive monitoring and enhanced incident response processes.

In the current environment, any business model must include a comprehensive cyber security plan that addresses both physical and IT systems security threats. This plan should include education, training, and awareness of all employees and redundant auditing procedures that will help mitigate a single point of failure vulnerability.

Cybersecurity Solutions:

Meridian’s IT & Network Security Solutions ensure that organization resources are adequately secured and available as per business requirements. Meridian ensures that critical systems have built-in redundancies and protection to ensure business continuity of services. Meridian helps organizations by implementing cost effective, centralized and automated solutions which provide best-in-class vulnerability protection and technical compliance management to the organizations. Our integrated security product offerings include Meridian SecurityAstra, MaxPatrol, which is the only enterprise product in the global market that combines auditing, penetration testing and compliance management in a single solution.

Audit Services:

Meridian provides best-in-class IT and Network Audit Services which are based on industry accepted standards. Meridian’s global benchmarked services combines the mechanisms of System Checks, Performance Assessment and Configuration reviews in aggregate with analysis of various operating systems, database management systems ( DBMSs ), complex application systems and custom applications


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