Microsoft Azure


Azure Consulting, Implementation & Managed Services

Meridian Azure certified Experts assist clients in their migration, configuration and management of Azure Cloud resources. Our experts perform a detailed Resource Assessment to understand:

  • Compute incl. VM’s
  • Database
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Application Services
  • Backup & Security
  • etc.

We ensure a seamless implementation to ensure ‘ZERO’ downtime in business process. Our teams are governed by the strictest of SLA’s to ensure that the customer’s business is not impacted.


Accurate Resource Assessment

Our Experts ensure that Businesses make the optimal use of cloud resources to ensure the highest ROI for the Clients.

Affordable & Efficient services

Our Service Model ensures that all client services are optimally configured as per their usage requirements and reduce all overhead costs.

Pay-per-use Model

We ensure transparency in our billings providing detailed usage & Consumption reports. Our regular customer update process ensures that customer does not receive a bill-shock at the end of month. In our managed services offering, we ensure that customer's resources are optimally configured to ensure minimal costs and better ROI.

99.9% Availability and 100% Data Security

Meridian's Azure offerings are backed by Microsoft's highest reliability services and together we ensure that Customer has a peace of mind on their data availability and Security. We are governed by NDA's as well as a firewall approach to all customer data within the organization.

Future-proof Solutions

End-to-end cloud services for a streamlined experience from start to finish. Ensuring your cloud strategy is built from the ground up to be future proof, and designed for innovation and agility.

Cloud Agnostic

We’re dedicated to making the technology work for you and your technical and business requirements. With our comprehensive portfolio of cloud platform expertise and strategic technology partnerships, we will design a right-fit solution for your business.

Get answers and advice

Our goal is to answer all your questions in a timely manner.